Flare 1.5

In a nutshell, version 1.5 brings a lot of new and exciting stuff to Flare: New presets, new borders, new and updated filters, Facebook sharing, and a bunch of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Let’s start with the ‘Tin Type’ preset: ‘Just like ‘Daguerreotype’ before, this preset goes back into the history of photography, trying to emulate the collodion wet plate process introduced in 1850, that used wet collodion on tin sheets. Additionally exposures needed to be developed in under 15 minutes. This was a real mess! Unlike the original, our new default preset is just a click away. Here is what it looks like:

The Tin Type preset

'Instamatic' on the other hand goes back only a few decades, emulating another cheap plastic camera. Not necessarily that camera, the name actually came from combining Instagram with Hipstamatic, but voilá, we get the name of a classic Kodak camera. What a coincidence. ;-) Here is what it looks like:

The Instamatic preset

Beside these two new default presets there is a new effect called ‘Profile Presets’. You’ll find it in the Color Effects on the Edit tab. This effect will apply predefined color corrections to the image, and we start with three distinct presets. Here is what they look like:

Selective Warmness

Feelin’ the Blues


Another addition is that the Rotation effect has an option that scales the image to fill the frame automatically. Before this you had to also add a Scaling effect to get to the same result, so this new option makes certain things one step easier.

And if you liked the Shuffle feature we introduced in version 1.3, we have added an option for if you want to add more punch: Just hold down the option key while clicking the shuffle icon in the presets tab, and you get a more intense effect.

Finally, with Mountain Lion 10.8.2, we support sharing your final image on facebook.

Plus, as usual, a few bugs fixed. Find the details in the version history.

Wolfgang Ante