Version 1.1

Flare 1.1 is out, and this time it adds some nice new default presets and textures. While the last two updates put the emphasis on feature improvements, like exporting to iPhoto and the ability to sync your presets via Dropbox, this release is all about adding new content to make your processed photos look even better. In the following I want to showcase some of the new possibilities.

Lets start with the new default presets. There are six new presets that will be added to your presets automatically. I want to highlight one preset here, and that is the Daguerreotype. This was the first commercially successful photographic process, the starting point of photography. David Lanham has created a complex preset to mimic the look of Daguerreotype photos, and the result is a showcase of what Flare can do.

Here is an example:

Flare is very flexible and powerful if you go into detail. It is great for one-click image enhancement, but you should try to create your own presets, too. The possibilities are endless.

Next are sixteen new borders and frames. A picture is worth a thousand words, but let me highlight the medium-format-photography frames, that have been added on request from users. Crop your photo to square format to make them look realistic.

Here are a few border examples:

One comment on frames though: Be sure to try the “Invert Frame” checkbox to switch between black and white background.

Finally, we have ten new lightleak textures. Our lightleaks have been praised for their realism and the new version adds even more realistic leaks as well as more adventurous ones.

Again, best to see an example:

With version 1.1 the possiblilities to process your photos got even richer. Please remember that there are more presets to download here:

Hope you enjoy version 1.1!

Wolfgang Ante


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